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Gift your loved ones with our handcrafted Nixie Tube Clock. Make your gift extra special with one of the unique vintage clock mankind has ever built. Our premium quality materials and professional work will truly bring you to the past. 
Why Our Clocks  Are The Best
Our premium nixie clock is sure to win the hearts of anyone who get their eye on them. This is truly rare stuff and can be only crafted by professionals with expertise.

handmade by experts

Each and every one of our product is built by professionals who have hands-on experience on cold cathode displays. We use precise tools and high-quality tubes to produce the best and long-lasting clocks in the market.

High Quality and affordable 

All the materials used to build our clock is of high quality. We purchase them directly from our local market in Russia known to mass-produce quality tubes. Hence our price is cheaper than the rest.

Added Features

If you think our clocks can show only time then your wrong. We can customize the clock according to your needs. We provide a remote and premium wooden casing for all our clocks. We can engrave a name if you are gifting it for someone special.
Want to learn more about nixie tubes?

Nixie clock with wooden Casing

This is a premium well-crafted nixie tube clock packed with tons of features. This nixie clock is made of 6 IN-12 tubes. It is also backed up with a lithium battery to cop up with unexpected power failures. 

The tubes can show time and also date. It also has an inbuilt alarm feature if you want to use it as an alarm. There are also various animation effects to spice up the clock. It has a blue LED backlight and also RGB and flickering candle effect. It can be placed on a desk or fixed on walls. It has lot of other features such as:



    • Adjustable hour format(12/24)
    • Battery backup
    • Alarm Clock
    • 5 Animation effects
    • Nixie Tube protection



  • Power adapted that works anywhere in the world
  • Wood encasing
  • User manual
  • User friendly menu with simple 2 button control
  • Power-efficient design

Fully Assembled Nixie Tube Clock

This is an affordable nixie clock. It’s made of 6 IN – 14 nixie tubes. It doesn’t have any casing but it works just fine as a decoration in your home. Almost all basic functions can be performed using the nixie clock. It can display hours, minute day and even the month. It has a night mode effect for a stunning look at the night time.

If you are on a budget and doesn’t require all those fancy features then this is for you. It can show time and date very accurately with the help of a highly accurate time module. Some other features include:


    • Backlight
    • Date 
    • Night Mode
    • Backup Battery
    • Universal Adapter




Planning to build your nixie tube clock? This DIY kit has all the things you need to setup your own Nixie tube clock. There are 4 IN-14 Nixie tubes that can be used as a display. It can be used to display the hours and minutes. A schematic is also included with this kit that can help you figure out the connections.


It uses a DS3231SN chip which can accurately show time. All the tubes are tested and not used other than for testing. It also comes with a wooden case for protection.

    • Accurate Clock Chip
    • Pulse Voltage converters
    • Hour Indicator (Beep Sound)
    • Backlight Switch
    • Optional Date Feature
    • Neon colon indicator
    • Built in battery socket 
    • Universal Adapter Included

Happy Customers

“These clocks turned out to be beautiful than expected. The clock seemed to be in well-working order”

“Amazing clock! Seller was immediate in response to all questions. It took about 3-4 weeks to ship to the US. The item was packaged perfectly and well-protected. I love it! Thank you so much!”

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